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Transfer Money from Paypal to Bank Account


pinoydollars rulesAfter you follow such directions and we receive your payment in Paypal, we will start processing your request in minutes hours. After that, we will inform you through email or text message when your fund had been successfully deposited and is ready for withdrawal. If you receive notification from us, you may go to the nearest ATM bank machine in your area then get your cash. Encashing your PayPal fund has been made easier, instant and convenient now. Begin using Pinoy Dollars and see how it works.

Pinoy Dollars comes with the most satisfying withdrawal PayPal funds service. This will allow you transfer funds straight to your Bank Account. As you can imagine, the usual way of withdrawing funds may take two up to four business days. In some circumstances, the money is extremely required and the process tends to take more time especially during weekends and holidays.

We are facilitating the process of transferring the funds in order to let you get cash from various ATM  Card and Money Transfer Outlets located all over the country in the same day.banksWhy Use Us?

You may choose us for several reasons. First of all, our company is PayPal checked. We conduct secured transactions with included a buyer’s protection as we are accepting “services” payments only. We charge reasonably cost fees. You will be informed in advance about the charges as well as the net amount to be deposited in your own bank account. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that our charges are free from bank charges whether there’s one or not.

Our service is available daily. Please feel free to talk to us during business hours. We will help you get your funds right on time. Pinoy Dollars offers the convenience behind accessing your PayPal fund in a certain point of time.